The perfect filming location, a city that has it all!

Brighton is the ideal filming location!

Brighton & Hove

A stunning, vibrant, diverse and creative city, only 50 miles away from London, Brighton is the ideal filming location!

Brighton offers film makers a unique location that really can give it all! Beautiful landscapes, historic architectural buildings, beaches … you will even find ‘kissing policemen’ (Banksy’s artwork). Full of these breath-taking locations that are waiting to be transformed and used!

In Brighton there really is a setting for all filming requirements; from a contemporary production, a period drama or a futuristic setting, Brighton has it all!

A city with a historic relationship with the film industry and for good reason too. Brighton has become host to a number of productions, both film and television. From Mr Holmes (2015), 20,000 Days on Earth (2014) to Brighton Rock (1947) and its modern remake (2010) to list a few. There is so much diversity to Brighton’s iconic landscapes, it can be utilised time and time again for a wide range of film productions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What notice is required to obtain a permit?

Brighton City Council requires at least 72 hours notice from receiving the completed application to the time the filming or photographic shoot is to take place. For any production needing a site visit due to logistics, or more complicated requirements, a minimum of 3 weeks notice is required.

Do I have to pay for a permit

Yes, charges for filming depend on various factors, ranging from the size of the project and involvement of the Events Office and other Council Departments. Download the filming application here to see charges for a permit.

What documents are required?

All companies, including student projects must submit a risk assessment and an insurance certificate with at least £10m public liability.

Are drones permitted?

Yes drones are allowed in Brighton and Hove, including the seafront. Permission is only granted for drone use by professional organisations that have a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licence, £10 million public liability insurance and a full risk assessment.

Contact for Permit Enquiries

Daniel Watson

Tel: 01273 293001

The Events Office, Brighton & Hove City Council, Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2GR

Contact for Location, Crew and Cast Enquiries

Kelly Sussex Film Office

Tel: 01903 951030

or if you are looking for a location scout or manager please contact John Alflatt

For more information please visit our location services page

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