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Filming in Lewes

Lewes is a small town with a big heart. Most historians agree that Lewes’ name derives from the Old English ‘hlaews’ (‘hills’ or ‘mounds’) as Lewes is built into the slopes either side of the Ouse Valley, giving its inhabitants sturdy legs to go with their stout hearts. It was here that Simon de Montfort fought the Battle of Lewes against the King and where Tom Paine, author of ‘The Rights of Man’ once lived. Lewes has long been known for its spirit of independence and the inhabitants are proud of its significant history stretching back to Saxon times. But it’s not all about the history.

Sussex Film Office are working in collaboration with Lewes District Council with all filming enquiries.  If you would like advice or assistance please call 01903 883644 or complete the application form here


Image © Xavier Dom Buendia


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